[SciPy-Dev] parameters of fitting data

Krzysztof Berniak krzysztof.berniak@gmail....
Tue Nov 22 14:56:05 CST 2011

  I'm writing script in python, which fitting exponencial curve to data (
f(x) = a*exp(x*b).
 To resolve this problem I use scipy.
 It works fine. I get in v1 new parameters, but where is calculation errors
of this parameters ?

When I use gnuplot my results look like this:
Final set of parameters            Asymptotic Standard Error
=======================            ==========================

a1              = 12.1566                                   +/- 0.2286
b1              = 0.000858396                           +/- 4.362e-006


                                                               where in
scipy i get this numbers

This is my code
def main():
    z,f = numbers_col()
    fitfunc = lambda v, z: v[0]*exp(z*v[1])
    errfunc = lambda v, z,f: fitfunc(v,z) - f
    v0 = [10., 0.005]
    v1,success = optimize.leastsq(errfunc, v0[:], args =

regards and please help,
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