[SciPy-Dev] parameters of fitting data

Krzysztof Berniak krzysztof.berniak@gmail....
Thu Nov 24 10:27:13 CST 2011


Thanks for your answer. Your idea works, but not im my example.
When I did example on this page:
works done. I use sqrt(np.diag(cov)) and I get the standard
But when I use this in my code

func = lambda z,a,b: a*np.exp(z*b)
popt, pcov = optimize.curve_fit(func, z,f, maxfev = 1000)
errors = sqrt(np.diag(pcov))

It displays:
RuntimeError: Optimal parameters not found: Number of calls to function has
reached maxfev = 1000.
When I increase value of maxfev I have the same problem.

regards and please help,
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