[SciPy-Dev] New machine for scipy.org

Ognen Duzlevski ognen@enthought....
Mon Oct 10 18:26:10 CDT 2011


I would like to use this email to introduce myself - my name is Ognen
and I am Enthought's new IT director/Unix sysadmin. I would like to
get your opinion on perhaps moving the scipy.org machine to an Amazon
EC2 instance. I feel that such a solution would be more flexible and
more accessible to people (not to mention probably faster and more
stable). The box is right now (from what I can tell) an OpenVZ
container on an older model physical Dell server housed in our data
center, the container itself is backed up daily but were there to be
connectivity or hardware issues, I am not sure recovery would be
instantaneous. The underlying OpenVZ host seems to be low on disk
space (and so is the scipy.org container consequently). The box itself
runs an old RedHat version (I am not even sure it can be upgraded at
this point). None of the above is really critical but I would like to
improve the service if I can.

Naturally, I would be more than happy to keep administering the new
box and keep whoever else has administrative privileges to the old

Opinions, thoughts...?


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