[SciPy-Dev] Function for finding relative maxima of a 1d array

Jacob Silterra jsilter@gmail....
Tue Sep 20 22:06:43 CDT 2011

>There is also a CWT implementation at
http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/ticket/922 (the first code review link still
works). It didn't get merged but still contains examples and references that
may be useful. Also the author may still be around and willing to review
your code for example.

It seems like a good data structure for handling wavelets in general, which
is outside the scope of what I was going for here. The math is
straightforward for the cwt. This author implements convolution via fourier
transform, I opted to leave the implementation details to
scipy.signal.convolve and not reinvent that particular wheel. It wouldn't be
too hard to change, I'm just not sure there's an advantage.

>I think ricker landed in the right place, cwt could probably also live in
wavelets.py. optimize.py is not the best place for peak finding algorithms,
it's already a very large file. Why not create a _peak_finding.py file under
signal? That should get rid of those circular imports.

Done and done.

>Code cleanups are very welcome, your changes mostly look good to me. It
would be helpful to have them as a separate commit though

Indeed, I didn't notice the spacing issues until I was writing that last
email. I had originally put all the functions in a single commit because I
was thinking of them as a single feature, but in retrospect that doesn't
make sense.

I've redone the history, same branch name, but the commits should be easier
to review: https://github.com/jsilter/scipy/commits/find_peaks. All of those
cleanups were in optimize.py, which I didn't touch this time around, so they
aren't in this branch. I can do that in a separate branch + pull request.

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