[SciPy-Dev] Contributing to SciPy guide

Andreas H. lists@hilboll...
Sun Apr 15 07:34:21 CDT 2012

> thanks for this helpful document. What I think is missing is info and
> link to pages that explain how to get started with a dev version of
> scipy. Many users have a released version and have never compiled it
> although they could be contributors. FAQ could be, how to work with a
> dev version of scipy while keeping the last release to switch between
> both? You can  find such info on the web but it might be worth
> centralizing them. If it already exists, please let me know and forget
> this message.

Good point, I think. I'm using a virtualenv for development, isolated 
from my system's site-packages. If you're interested, I can write a 
short paragraph about my setup and include it in the DOC.


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