[SciPy-Dev] [Numpy-discussion] ANN: SciPy 0.11.0 release candidate 1

Yaroslav Halchenko lists@onerussian....
Wed Aug 8 13:38:43 CDT 2012

I thought it might be of interest for you -- I have ran nosetests scipy
against current head on an s390x Debian porter box:
FAILED (SKIP=31, errors=15, failures=6)


On Thu, 19 Jul 2012, Ralf Gommers wrote:

>    Hi,

>    I am pleased to announce the availability of the first release candidate
>    of SciPy 0.11.0. For this release many new features have been added, and
>    over 120 tickets and pull requests have been closed. Also noteworthy is
>    that the number of contributors for this release has risen to over 50.
>    Some of the highlights are:

>    � - A new module, sparse.csgraph, has been added which provides a number
>    of common sparse graph algorithms.
>    � - New unified interfaces to the existing optimization and root finding
>    functions have been added.

>    Sources and binaries can be found at
>    [1]https://sourceforge.net/projects/scipy/files/scipy/0.11.0rc1/, release
>    notes are copied below.

>    Please try this release candidate and report any problems on the scipy
>    mailing lists.

>    Cheers,
>    Ralf

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