[SciPy-Dev] test_qz_double_sort seg fault - upgrade mingw for binaries?

Skipper Seabold jsseabold@gmail....
Wed Aug 8 14:13:52 CDT 2012


There is a failure that's holding up the release reported here.


AFAIK, this test seg faults only on the official SSE2/SSE3 windows 32-bit
binaries that are built using mingw 3.14 with gcc 3.4. It's only the double
precision test that has a callback function that break.


The suspicion is that it's a compiler issue since the tests pass on other
architectures and with msvc/mkl on windows as reported by Christoph. I
didn't see anything in the LAPACK change sets to suggest it's an issue with
the ATLAS/LAPACK, though I suppose this is still possible.

How difficult would it be for someone to upgrade mingw/gcc and see if the
seg fault goes away? I could try though I'm not set up for this and am not
that familiar with cygwin/mingw.

Are there any other mingw issues on windows to be aware of that prevents
using a newer compiler?

Any other way to resolve this?

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