[SciPy-Dev] scipy-0.10.1 compilation on 64 bit windows in debug mode

Santosh Pratap Singh santosh.singh@ansys....
Thu Aug 16 08:38:38 CDT 2012

Hi All,

I am trying to compile a debug version of the scipy-0.10.1 extension on 64
bit windows. I have also compiled the python-2.7.3 and numpy-1.6.2 in debug
mode.  When I am building scipy, I ran into the problem

C:\cpython\Debug\scipy\0_10_1\scipy-0.10.1>python_d setup.py config
--compiler=msvc --fcompiler=intelvem build --debug

compile options: '-g
ifort.exe:f77: scipy\fftpack\src\dfftpack\dcosqb.f
ifort: command line warning #10131: extension 'M' not supported ignored in
n '/Qax'
*ifort: command line error: option '/g' is ambiguous*
error: Command "C:\Program Files
(x86)\Intel\Compiler\11.1\060\Bin\intel64\ifort.exe -FI -w90 -w95 /nologo
/MD /nbs /Qlowercase /us /O1 /QaxM -g
-c /c  scipy\fftpack\src\dfftpack\dcosqb.f
/Fobuild\temp.win-amd64-2.7\scipy\fftpack\src\dfftpack\dcosqb.o" failed
with exit status 1

Can some one help me in this? Am I missing something?

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