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Fri Aug 31 03:09:45 CDT 2012

If that may help, here are some tentative images/logos:



On Aug 29, 2012, at 20:58 , Pauli Virtanen wrote:

> Kyle Mandli <kyle.mandli <at> gmail.com> writes:
>> I kind of dropped the ball on this as I have been traveling 
>> for the past month.  I think we are ready to move
>> forward on this and at least get the pieces in place.  
>> I am still not clear exactly what the current status of
>> the scipy.org-new and scipy.github.com repos on github are.  
>> Can anyone speak to this?
> The status of scipy.org-new repository is that it is incomplete, but
> future work should build on it, as it has some basic infrastructure
> in place. (The conference/ directory in that repo can be ignored/removed,
> as I believe it is outdated.)
> The scipy.github.com contains the HTML output built from scipy.org-new.
>> On a related topic, I have been searching out someone who may be
>> able to do some redesign work on the site but
>> was not successful (at least a free option).  Any suggestions
>> for someone with some design experience that
>> could update the look of the site a bit please let us know.
> Well, the only requirement is that it should look better and more
> organized than the current scipy.org page. That probably does not
> require 1337 design chops, just some CSS/HTML skills :)
> Also, somehow the typography on scipy.github.com is off, the text
> looks ugly and is difficult to read.
> The main point IMO is just to come up with some visual consistency
> and navigation scheme between the main site, the documentation, etc.
> This doesn't have to be perfect, the main thing is just to think up
> some sort of a consistent framework.
> The second thing related to content would be to think what to
> do with the different Scipys:
> - "Scipy the community site"
> - "Scipy the library"
> Well, anyway, the above is just my suggestion on what could be done.
> If you can think of some other ways to improve the situation,
> please don't let this hold you up.
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> Pauli Virtanen
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