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Thu Feb 2 03:17:49 CST 2012


> There is http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/ticket/922 which the author has
> kept on developing despite the unfortunate lack of feedback. It looks quite
> far along and may be useful for you:
> https://github.com/lesserwhirls/scipy-cwt
> There is also a cwt function in signal.wavelets, but it's very limited.

Whoa ... nice one, that's much neater code than my attempt. It's an
interesting way it has been implemented though. I wonder if someone can
explain the logic of having a class that needs the mother wavelet fed in as
an argument rather than subclassing?

I shall work on improving that code, I can implement more and more general
Mother wavelets and also write some examples and update the plotting
routine to use mpl's make_axes_locatable if people think that is a better
way to go.

I shall send the original author an email, to talk to him about it.

 The DWT is exactly the kind of tool SciPy needs.   The goal would not be
>> to re-invent DWT with SciPy, but simply integrate pywavelets into SciPy if
>> that is at all possible.    Having so many packages is good for developers,
>> but not very good for consumers as people have to collect a lot of
>> different packages together to get what they want.   Some of this pressure
>> is being alleviated by "distributions" of Python, and I expect that trend
>> will continue.   But, it is still useful for SciPy to grow "fundamental"
>> libraries like a DWT.
>> I'll send the pywavelets author an email, would be great to get his input
> on this.

I agree that wavelet transforms, both DWT and CWT, are well within SciPy's
scope, if we could integrate pyWavelets into SciPy that would be great. It
does beg the question though, if that is the path we are going down would
it be better to implement a CWT in the same style as pyWavelets to have
uniformity in use if they are both integrated in SciPy.

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