[SciPy-Dev] Trac performance?

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Sun Feb 5 07:02:04 CST 2012


05.02.2012 12:59, Ralf Gommers kirjoitti:
> Is there an end in sight for the troubles with Trac? It's driving me
> completely crazy. So if not, I'm willing to invest some time in moving
> all the relevant content on the Trac wikis somewhere else (suggestions
> welcome). I'm thinking about things like development plans, GSOC info,
> list of maintainers per module, etc.

Newer versions of Trac are supposed to alleviate the "database is
locked" error, which is a PITA. So upgrading the software could help.

I think moving stuff out from the Trac could be useful in any case, as
its account management is not so transparent. As for the developer wiki
info --- how about turning on wikis on Github and using them? Does
someone have experience on how usable they actually are?

As for dropping Trac completely -- last time around, I think the Github
issues system lacked features. I think they've added some stuff since
then, though.


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