[SciPy-Dev] Trac performance?

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Mon Feb 6 15:58:55 CST 2012


06.02.2012 14:41, Ognen Duzlevski kirjoitti:
> I am open to suggestions or help with Trac on the current machine or
> moving it to the Amazon EC2 instance (where all of it will live
> eventually). I don't have much experience with Trac either and that's
> why I am reluctant to just upgrade it as is on the "production"
> server.

If the long term hosting plan is to move things onto EC2, I think your
suggestion about moving services there rather than just working on the
current box makes much sense. If you need extra hands there, I can
reserve time for helping out. I guess all of the *.scipy.org stuff,
including the scipy.org wiki would be moving?

Moving the Trac could be a useful pilot. Setting it up in principle
should be relatively straightforward. The only question is whether it
really works without a SVN repo, and whether the tiny Github integration
plugin works out of the box for the new Trac version. I can take a look
at the latter two on my own box to smoothen the road a bit here. It
would also make sense to use a real DB as the backend rather than
SQLite, but I don't know beforehand if there are bumps in SQLite ->
something else conversion.


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