[SciPy-Dev] numpydoc installation and path

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Mon Feb 6 16:01:32 CST 2012

06.02.2012 22:55, Denis Laxalde kirjoitti:
> Pauli Virtanen wrote:
>> That's some setuptools stuff. Probably nothing specific to numpydoc, but
>> would happen for any setuptools-using package:
>> http://packages.python.org/distribute/
>> http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/EasyInstall
> I think I currently use the former. Is there any alternative?

Getting OT, but removing the 'import setuptools' etc. lines from
setup.py should work. Or, you can just delete the *.pth file, and
manually unpack the packages from inside the egg files (they're zip files).

Pauli Virtanen

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