[SciPy-Dev] BSP interface in the SciPy.

Pierre Haessig pierre.haessig@crans....
Wed Feb 15 04:10:49 CST 2012

Le 14/02/2012 19:03, Sturla Molden a écrit :
> It is a way to avoid deadlocks and livelocks in parallel computing.
> Computation and ipc are separated in discrete blocks with barrier synch
> in between.
> ipc ->  barrier ->  compute ->  barrier ->  ipc ->  ...
> But it can often be difficult to fit a problem into a BSP paradigm, and
> sometimes it yields an inefficient program (the CPUs can spend a
> significant amount of time idle on the barriers).
Ok, I think I got the global idea now. Thanks a lot.

As of today, my exploration of parallel computing didn't go further than 
using Pool.map() from multiprocessing module. I just run the same 
simulations with a different set of input parameters. I'm guessing it's 
a classical use case, similar to the use case of Octave's parcellfun.
Simple enough but powerful enough !


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