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Pierre Haessig pierre.haessig@crans....
Wed Feb 29 14:13:47 CST 2012

Le 28/02/2012 18:30, Robert Milgate a écrit :
> I believe that the documentation for the hamming window implementation
> (http://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy/reference/generated/numpy.hamming.html )  in
> numpy is incorrect. Someone with more experience in signal
> conditioning than I should have a look, but I think this is wrong. 
>  The function works correctly, but I believe the equation in the
> documentation is for an interval symmetric about 0, not for the
> unipolar interval stated in the documentation. The + sign in front of
> the 0.46cos should be a - for teh interval as described.
I feel you're right !

Now, regarding to your question about "the right path" for your comment :
On every page of Scipy & Numpy docs, there is an "Edit page" link which
leads to a wiki-style editor where everybody can contribute to the


The only requirement for editing is to have a *activated account*, that is :
1) create an account (see the Front Page above) in the wiki
2) send an email here with the username you've chosen
3) "somebody" with the appropriate rights will give you the edit rights


PS : I've already flipped the sign  ;-)

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