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> ltisys was pretty neglected, but Warren, I think, made quite big
> improvements.
> There was several times the discussion whether MIMO works or should
> work, similar there was a discrete time proposal but I didn't keep up
> with what happened to it.
> In statsmodels we are very happy with signal.lfilter but I wished
> there were a multi input version of it.
> Other things that are basic, periodograms, burg and levinson_durbin
> are scipy algorithms I think, but having them in a scikits.signal
> would be good also.
Those all sound like good additions. Burg and Levinson_Durbin would also be
useful for folks making a maximum entropy package and would be a natural
fit with lfilter. I've seen various approaches to image interpolation that
could also make use of the lfilter functionality.


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