[SciPy-Dev] examples for scipy

josef.pktd@gmai... josef.pktd@gmai...
Wed Jan 4 23:14:56 CST 2012

(trying to warm up an old idea)

I always liked examples folders, like matplotlib, sklearn, statsmodels.

For me as developer they are much easier to write than tutorial
documentation, for me as user I have something to try out immediately
instead of having to RTFM to find what I want. And example scripts can
be more elaborate than docstrings or compare different functions.

Is there a way to add an examples folder to the docs or the source?

The tutorials and the scipy.cookbook contain several good examples,
there are also some good examples in the tests, but few ready to run
examples. It would make getting started with scipy easier, similar to
If we can optionally use matplotlib as in the tutorials, then it would
be possible to spice up the examples with graphs.

Some examples I remember or can think of:
Ralf just improved stats.gaussian_kde and has a good example script
for it. By now, I could make up some scripts for the various tests in
scipy.stats quite easily. scipy.optimize.fmin_slsqp had good examples
that I copied once to the tutorial.

A caveat is that for example in statsmodels we haven't found a way to
automatically test the examples and make sure they are always up to
date, but that might be less of a problem for scipy.

I would be a happy user for examples of other scipy subpackages instead of RTFC.


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