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Thu Jan 5 01:48:12 CST 2012

On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 2:43 AM, Travis Oliphant <travis@continuum.io> wrote:
> 5. Find a clear (group of) maintainer(s) for each sub-module. For people
> familiar with one module, responding to
> tickets and pull requests for that module would not cost so much time.
> Is there a list where this is kept?
Not really. The only way you can tell a little bit right now is the way
Trac tickets get assigned. For example Pauli gets documentation, Josef gets
stats tickets.

We could have a list on Trac, linked to from the developers page on
scipy.org, where we have a list of modules with for each module a (group
of) people listed who are interested in it and would respond to tickets and
PRs for that module. Not necessarily to fix everything asap, but at least
to review patches, respond to tickets and outline how bugs should be fixed
or enhancements could best be added.

For PRs I think everyone can follow the RSS feed that Pauli set up. For
Trac I'm not sure it's possible to send notifications to more than one
person. If not, at least the tickets should get assigned to one person who
could then forward them, until there's a better solution.

As administrative points I would propose:
- People should be able to add and remove themselves from this list.
- Commit rights are not necessary to be on the list (but of course can be
asked for).
- Add a recommendation that no one person should be the Trac assignee for
more than two modules, and preferably only one if it's a large one.

The group of people interested in a module could also compile a list of
things to do to improve the quality of the module, and add tickets to an
"easy fixes" list.

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