[SciPy-Dev] pull requests and code review

Travis Oliphant travis@continuum...
Fri Jan 6 21:04:09 CST 2012

> I do appreciate the work that various people put into this project but
> this sort of illustrates the frustration that some of us mere users
> have with numpy and scipy. One hand you appear to want to change the
> numpy governance to being more open and community driven yet this
> thread does reflects the opposite.

Actually, I feel like it already is pretty open and community driven *as witnessed* by this thread.   I may have a particular opinion, but it is the opinion of the active community that holds sway and drives what happens.    What I would like to do is underscore that point more broadly.    But, I also want to make sure that the current crop of maintainers doesn't make it difficult for new people to come in because they have a different mindset or are too overwhelmed by how much one has to learn or understand to make a contribution.   

Also, it really depends on what section of code we are talking about as to how much input is needed.   The more people are depending on code, the more review is needed.  That is clear, but it is difficult to tell how much code is actually being used.   There is a lot of SciPy that still needs to be developed more fully, and if it takes an action-by-committee to make it happen, SciPy will not reach 1.0 very quickly.   

Here, for example, I wonder how many active users of fmin_ncg are actually out there.  Most optimization approaches don't use the hessian parameters at all.    I rarely recommend using fmin_ncg to others.   That was one of the variables in my mental model when I rapidly reviewed the original contribution.  


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