[SciPy-Dev] mwavepy scikit

alex arsenovic aia8v@virginia....
Sun Jan 15 11:32:07 CST 2012

hello, my name is alex arsenovic. i am the author of the python module
mwavepy, which is a package for RF/microwave engineering. 

homepage: http://code.google.com/p/mwavepy/
docs: http://packages.python.org/mwavepy/#

it is my understanding that scipy doesnt currently have the
functionality provided by mwavepy, and it seems as though it would be a
valuable module to have,  similar to the rf-toolbox in matlab.  

i was entertaining the idea of making a sci-kit for mwavepy, and was
curious about the scipy-dev community's opinion on this. does a module
like this belong as a sci-kit? if so, i have numerous questions as to
what are the next steps.



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