[SciPy-Dev] mwavepy scikit

Gael Varoquaux gael.varoquaux@normalesup....
Wed Jan 18 16:35:51 CST 2012

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 09:21:44AM -0500, alex arsenovic wrote:
>      i was originally reading these directions.
>       http://projects.scipy.org/scikits/wiki/ScikitsForDevelopers
>      then i looked over the directions linked in previous email from 
> gael, and i am a bit confused.  it doesnt appear that the scikit-image 
> and scikit-learn share a common svn repo or use the 'namespace_packages` 
> in its disutils setup. so i am unclear as to the meaning of a scikit, in 
> practice.

These are old instructions not up to date. The problem is that most
people (including me) do not have write privileges on this page.

> is moving to github from google code recommended or advantageous for
> scikits?

In terms of community pick up probably: there is somewhat of a concensus
here, so adopting it will help people pitching in.

>      @gael, let me rephrase my understanding of your advice. i can 
> create a git repository that has a name scikit-mwavepy, and the actual 
> python module directory can have an arbitrary name, such as simply 
> mwavepy. is this correct?

Yes, but you need to give the name of project (different than the import
path) a name starting with 'scikit' if you want it to show up on the
scikits web application http://scikits.appspot.com/scikits . This is
controlled by the keyword 'name' in the setup.py (e.g.
and defines under which name your package will show up on PyPI.

>      this brings up the question of naming. are there suggestions as to 
>     sphinx/numpydoc:
>      i have some technical questions about documentation concerning 
> sphinx using the numpydoc extensions, is this a correct venue for these 
> or should i post to sphinx mailing lists?

Numpy mailing list.


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