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Wed Jul 25 19:36:48 CDT 2012

On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 3:59 PM, Pauli Virtanen <pav@iki.fi> wrote:

> Kyle Mandli <kyle.mandli <at> gmail.com> writes:
> [clip]
> > 1) Mailing lists - Leave these as there's a lot of content there
> > and we are worried about losing history and users if we even
> > attempted to move this (plus we don't have a good alternative).
> Mailing lists are going to be needed. They don't necessarily need to
> be hosted on the current scipy.org machine, but it's probably best not to
> touch what has been working reliably.
> > 2) Scipy.org (and numpy.org) - Move the content to a repository under
> the
> > Scipy organization on github that would contain a sphinx representation
> > of the content that people can make pull requests to. There would be
> > another repository that the built content would then be pushed to and
> > that github would show as the website. David Warde-Farley has made
> > an attempt at converting many of the scipy pages over to sphinx but it
> > was never used (https://github.com/dwf/scipy-website). I noticed there
> > were a few attempts at this a while ago (> 2 years).
> Note that the scipy.github.com site is up with a Git repo set up at
> https://github.com/scipy/scipy.org-new/
> Similarly, numpy.scipy.org site has already moved to Github.
I think the www.scipy.org site looks a lot nicer than the replacement,
which still looks unfinished.

> I would see these repos as the central point for any further work.
> David's work is not merged there, but it could be merged (where
> applicable --- some of the content in scipy.org is outdated).
> > 3) Trac Projects - Numpy is in the process (or so we thought)
> [clip]
> I think the trac projects are a separate issue --- web site redesign
> can either precede or come after what is done with Trac.
> IMO, one of the first steps to do is to design a website layout
> skeleton that can be used appropriately on scipy.org, and daughter
> sites, docs.scipy.org, scipy-central.org, etc. This does not have
> to be in Sphinx format at first, just plain HTML+whatever, it's easy
> to hack in later. It also doesn't have to be great, but it does have
> to exist, and one has to think a bit about how and where to put the
> navigation tools.
> The amount of relevant "official" content on scipy.org is actually
> not very big, I think.
> The main issue is more on what to do with the Cookbook/Topical software
> sections, which in my opinion are not very well-suited to a
> Sphinx-generated static site. Why this hasn't moved forwards is
> probably largely due to not reaching a decision on what actually
> to do with this material.
> The current best bet as a replacement (apart from keeping these in Moin)
> would probably be scipy-central.org --- which I'm sure would also benefit
> greatly from additional love. Enthusiastic Django-capable people might be
> interested to take a look at improving it.
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