[SciPy-Dev] SciPy bugtracker on GitHub (a la NumPy)?

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Mon Jul 30 14:39:06 CDT 2012

30.07.2012 21:15, Sturla Molden kirjoitti:
> When SciPy is on GitHub I think we should consider using GitHub's issue 
> tracker. (And NumPy is already using it.)

I would wait until Thouis finishes the trac ticket -> Github migration path.

Github issues IMHO do not feature-wise offer much that Trac does not
have, and the lack of attachments will mean in the context of Scipy that
people who want to attach data files will have to work a bit harder to
find separate hosting (and those links will become dead eventually). It
also does not help with the "have-to-learn-git-first" issue regarding
patches. Switching is more of an issue of shifting the server
maintenance for somebody else to do.

The integration between tickets and PRs becomes a bit better, but this
in my experience can be worked tolerably around by pasting the
corresponding cross-links in the comments.

The better response for pull requests as compared to patches on Trac is
a real effect. I think this is mainly due to: (i) the pull requests are
much easier to locate (whereas in Trac, everything is mixed up with bug
reports etc.) and look at, and (ii) what is submitted as pull request on
average seems to be in a more "finished" form than code snippets
attached on Trac.


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