[SciPy-Dev] Contributing to SciPy?

Thomas Haslwanter thomas.haslwanter@alumni.ethz...
Sun Jul 29 07:23:28 CDT 2012

I found an error on the SciPy Cookbook (described below), and wanted to fix it.
So I wrote a corrected version and a unittest procedure. But now I don't know
how I can submit/contribute it to SciPy. (BTW, the wiki did not let me to change
it, even after I registered.) Is the only way to pull the whole sourcecode,
install Fortran and C++ compilers, etc? Or can I just submit Python code?
Please let me know.

The problem:
 The Cookbook entry
 has a number of problems:

 1) As it is, it does in general not run. The line
    "import numpy as np"
 should be inserted before the first "try" in line 49

 2) I don't completely understand the workings of the code. However, when
 you put in a sine-wave and calculate the first derivative,     you get out
 a negative(!) cosine - not a cosine. The correct result appears if you
 replace "m," in line 68 with "m[::-1],"

 Since the Savitzky-Golay filter is a very commonly used filter, I regard
 this mistake as significant.


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