[SciPy-Dev] Procedure for new code submission (pyHHT)

Stuart Mumford stuart@mumford.me...
Fri Jun 8 08:17:25 CDT 2012


I am working on a EMD / HHT code for some analysis I am doing as part of my
PhD. (It is currently here: https://github.com/Cadair/pyhht (kicked off
from jaidevd's inital work))

I was wondering what the general procedure for getting something like this
included in SciPy is. I know it requires a lot more work to even be
considered but I would like to focus what I am doing with that end in mind.

The Web here: http://scipy.github.com/dev-zone.html says that initially you
should write a SciKit, is this still the way to go or is it fine just to
create a repo with good quality documentation etc?

Also is a HHT toolbox something that should be integrated into scipy.signal
or (at risk of restarting an amusing debate) should it go into

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