[SciPy-Dev] [Probe] How amongst you are pro devs working for scipy ?

David Kremer david.kremer.dk@gmail....
Sat Jun 9 07:14:16 CDT 2012

Hello everyone,

First I would like to tell you that I am a somehow satisfied scipy user, 
even if I feel it lacks official recognition.

First, my question is concerning the scipy developers. I would like to 
know, amongst you, who is working on scipy as paid-job, or only on its 
spare time. Basically it makes the developer community divides in two 
parts : the first is the community of hobbyists, the second the 
community of profesional developers.

Knowing grossly the proportion of pro and hobbyist, I would have a 
second question, related to the first : who uses scipy in business 
related project (I mean, no academic, that is to say, any work that is 
not included into a public research project).

I feel that scipy is a very big project, and must have a lot of 
maintainers, and I am wondering if this project is actually used by real 
people out there, apart from PhD student (including myself) and researchers.

I know that scipy, in its field, may encounter two great concurrents 
(for the least), namely matlab and octave, even if the goal of scipy may 
be slightly different.

Well, any developer or member of the community that could answer this 
question or give some hints on the related topic would be very nice.

Thank you.

David Kremer
PhD student
Angers, France

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