[SciPy-Dev] fftconvolve speedup / non powers of two

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Mon Mar 12 18:20:59 CDT 2012


11.02.2012 11:52, Nicolas Rougier kirjoitti:
> This is for the worst case where the internal size is 257.
> fftconvolve uses a size of 512 while fftconvolve2 uses 260.
> For powers of two, it should not change performances
> (only the time to compute best fft shape that may be probably improved).

Rescued from oblivion to here:

I think your code can be easily adapted for whatever FFTPACK happens to
support. I think the bases for it were 2,3,5, but this needs a double-check.


Pauli Virtanen

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