[SciPy-Dev] cephes_smirnov never returns on mips/sparc/...

Yaroslav Halchenko lists@onerussian....
Fri Mar 30 13:33:14 CDT 2012

yikes -- thanks! -- I simply had no clue 
(ashamed since I should have known this one)

for clarity -- FOPT is numpy/scipy specific and doesn't come from distutils

interestingly looks the code handling of OPT in distuils 2.7:

    if compiler.compiler_type == "unix":
        (cc, cxx, opt, cflags, opt, extra_cflags, basecflags, ccshared, ldshared, so_ext) = \
            get_config_vars('CC', 'CXX', 'OPT', 'CFLAGS',
                            'OPT', 'EXTRA_CFLAGS', 'BASECFLAGS',
                            'CCSHARED', 'LDSHARED', 'SO')

I guess OPT is queried twice just to be sure ;)

Thanks again!

On Fri, 30 Mar 2012, Pauli Virtanen wrote:

> 30.03.2012 18:48, Yaroslav Halchenko kirjoitti:
> > related -- what is the canonical way to trigger build scipy (out of git)
> > without any optimization flags for gcc?

> FOPT='-O0 -g3' OPT='-O0 -g3' python setup.py build_ext --inplace

> This is inherited from Python's distutils, and so should work for any
> Python package.
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