[SciPy-Dev] Python Scipy Block Diagram Editor with ACG

Eraldo Pomponi eraldo.pomponi@gmail....
Tue Nov 20 12:13:32 CST 2012

Dear Dwight,

Have a look at Enthought BlockCanvas (
http://code.enthought.com/projects/block_canvas/  and


On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 7:01 PM, dwight reid <dreid@dwightreid.com> wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> I am Dwight Reid an electrical engineer and lecturer at the University of
> Technology (also IEEE member and branch counselor)  in Jamaica. Some months
> ago I had started working on a block diagram editor for python that I dream
> one day will become a reasonable alternative to Matlab Simulink. I want to
> put a special emphasis on automatic code generation (ACG) and so far I have
> done ACG for python Scipy and also for the arduino, these are however just
> an implementation of some basic functions.
> As is, the block diagram editing is done in libre office draw and you have
> to manually type in the functions and commands, I have
> attached an example exported to pdf.
> Would anyone be willing to help with this, I have no experience developing
> with the open source community.
> I think it would definitely get more people using python since it is much
> easier to program graphically and it would be very useful to scientific
> computing. I imagine a better, moretailored graphic editor with predefined
> blocks that you can pull out like simulink or scilab xcos (maybe a stripped
> down libre office draw), implementing this is beyond my current skill level
> so it goes slowly.
> I hope I'm clear enough, let me know what you think.
>         Dwight
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