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I agree with Pierre that the GUI from an existing Office suite won't lead far enough, which is where I need the help actually (with the GUI programming). I was hoping to maybe strip down Libre office draw and then tailor it to suit this application but from what I've seen so far it may be easier to build from scratch. 

Currently I am just parsing the .odf file, which is essentially XML. This proves relatively easy and I was hoping to continue with this file format for the GUI. If anyone knows of a minimal drawing program (open sourced of course) that can produce the .odf file or a similar format I would try to use it, also if there are any suggestions regarding a file format or general approach that would be welcomed.

Scilab Xcos looked like they were trying code generation for some micro-controllers but they seem to have stopped, does anyone have any experience using it for code generation?

For openModelica I would need to be pointed in the direction of using it for code generation, I haven't looked extensively but so far I can't see how to generate code with it. 

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I think a block diagram editor would be a great addition to the Python
scientific ecosystem. I've had this in mind for some years now, but
never put it seriously on my programming agenda.

Now, I would really make the difference between :
1) a block diagram editor ("Simulink/xcos/Modelica-like") which, as
Chuck said, is really a tool to describe a dynamical system (either a
physical system or a control system).
2) a visual programming environment, like Labview, which has many flaws
that Matthias forcefully described ;-)

Now, to come back closer to what Dwight presented, I think that using
the GUI from an existing Office suite won't lead far enough.
I've experienced a bit GUI programming on the closely related matter of
a schematic editor (schematics of electrical circuits : see
This GUI is done in Python+Qt (PyQt or PySide as a matter of licensing
taste) with the key element being a QGraphicsView
(http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/graphicsview.html)  which handles the
display of the schematic.
I've really had a positive feeling with this graphical framework from
Qt. (However, I didn't practice with many others to allow for a fair
Also, these years have seen the growing popularity of browser-based
editors (like https://www.circuitlab.com/) so that it may be worth
studying javascript/HTML5 frameworks (which I unfortunately never did).


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