[SciPy-Dev] optimize: add algorithm for global optimization basin hopping

Dmitrey dmitrey15@ukr....
Thu Oct 18 03:27:49 CDT 2012

Jacob Stevenson <jstevenson131 <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I thought I would mention here on the mailing list that I redid the basin
hopping global optimisation
> algorithm with a more advanced feature set.  There are now two versions
basinhopping, and
> basinhopping_advanced.  I would be very interested which version people think
is more appropriate for scipy.

hi Jacob,
I would like to see its comparison with mlsl or psarms, that have similar
algorithm (combination of local and global search) and Python API available. You
could easily done it in OpenOpt framework ( http://openopt.org ), additional
computation time is usually insufficient. There you could compare it with some
other global solvers ( http://openopt.org/GLP ), especially I would recommend
interalg ( http://openopt.org/interalg ), de and asa.

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