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Sun Sep 9 19:14:40 CDT 2012

My replies to Pauli are below.  I also like the bottom second from the
left graphic, thanks for those!

On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 1:58 PM, Pauli Virtanen <pav@iki.fi> wrote:
> Kyle Mandli <kyle.mandli <at> gmail.com> writes:
>> I kind of dropped the ball on this as I have been traveling
>> for the past month.  I think we are ready to move
>> forward on this and at least get the pieces in place.
>> I am still not clear exactly what the current status of
>> the scipy.org-new and scipy.github.com repos on github are.
>> Can anyone speak to this?
> The status of scipy.org-new repository is that it is incomplete, but
> future work should build on it, as it has some basic infrastructure
> in place. (The conference/ directory in that repo can be ignored/removed,
> as I believe it is outdated.)
> The scipy.github.com contains the HTML output built from scipy.org-new.

This sounds like exactly what we had in mind!  We may want to just go
ahead and rename these repositories to mirror what ipython and
matplotlib are using for names (this would apply to scipy.org-new).
Is the content then in scipy.org-new relatively up to date with the
old site?  We could also start to accept github issues for things to
bring over and people can then knock off missing pieces until we built
up to where we left off.  Also, this approach would probably require
us to stop all new additions of content to the new site and encourage
people to post to the new one.

>> On a related topic, I have been searching out someone who may be
>> able to do some redesign work on the site but
>> was not successful (at least a free option).  Any suggestions
>> for someone with some design experience that
>> could update the look of the site a bit please let us know.
> Well, the only requirement is that it should look better and more
> organized than the current scipy.org page. That probably does not
> require 1337 design chops, just some CSS/HTML skills :)
> Also, somehow the typography on scipy.github.com is off, the text
> looks ugly and is difficult to read.
> The main point IMO is just to come up with some visual consistency
> and navigation scheme between the main site, the documentation, etc.
> This doesn't have to be perfect, the main thing is just to think up
> some sort of a consistent framework.

Agreed.  As one doctor once said though, "I am a doctor, not a
designer", at least that's probably what he would have said.

> The second thing related to content would be to think what to
> do with the different Scipys:
> - "Scipy the community site"
> - "Scipy the library"
> Well, anyway, the above is just my suggestion on what could be done.
> If you can think of some other ways to improve the situation,
> please don't let this hold you up.

This issue is interesting and definitely bear further discussion in
the community.  Maybe the conference series wants to consider this as

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