[SciPy-Dev] distributions.py

nicky van foreest vanforeest@gmail....
Thu Sep 13 16:21:24 CDT 2012


Now that I understand github (Thanks to Ralf for his explanations in
Dutch) and got some simple stuff out of the way in distributions.py I
would like to tackle a somewhat harder issue. The function argsreduce
is, as far as I can see, too generic. I did some tests to see whether
its most generic output, as described by its docstring, is actually
swallowed by the callers of argsreduce, but this appears not to be the

My motivation to simplify the code in distributions.py (and clean it
up) is partly based on making it simpler to understand for myself, but
also to  others. The fact that github makes code browsing a much nicer
experience, perhaps more people will take a look at what's under the
hood. But then the code should also be accessible and clean. Are there
any reasons not to pursue this path, and focus on more important
problems of the stats library?


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