[SciPy-Dev] GSOC - improvements to the .sparse package advice

Denis Laxalde denis@laxalde....
Wed Apr 10 02:34:48 CDT 2013


Izzy Cecil wrote:
> I'm hoping to participate in the google summer of code this year.
> Specifically, improvements to scipy.sparse (as suggested by
> http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/wiki/SummerofCodeIdeas). I'm an
> experienced coder, but have never really gotten my hands into a large
> open source project before (which is exactly why GSOC appeals to me).
> Scipy seems like a great fit for my interests! What's more, I have
> some experience in the mathematics of sparse matrix encodings. The
> plan is to have some small commits in sometime this week, to get the
> hang of things.
> I was wondering who would be appropriate to discus this project with,

I originally proposed the sparse subject so I guess I would be one of 
the contact point. Yet, I think this list is the proper channel for 
technical discussions.

> and if there were specific things I could do now to familiarize myself
> with the codebase. Any smaller bugs that could be fixed, or features
> that could be added to the library? Or should I consider a different
> project all together (perhaps Pythonic dtypes)? In the meantime, I'll
> hunt around trac, and mess with what I can, but any and all advice
> would be much appreciated!

Nothing specific comes to mind now. Looking at trac is a good idea. Also 
look at numpy's tickets on github, there might be sparse related issues 
as well. You could also grep for TODO or XXX in the codebase as well.

Good luck!

Denis Laxalde

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