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Fri Apr 12 03:13:12 CDT 2013

On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 8:20 AM, Ralf Gommers <ralf.gommers@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 6:06 AM, Surya Kasturi <suryak@ieee.org> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> How about SciPy Central on GSoC 2013?
>> I was thinking to participate in GSoC this year and thought of
>> contributing to this project as GSoC student. Firstly, I was luck enough to
>> find SPC which closely matched my interests. Since, I am already slightly
>> familiar with the existing code, made some small contributions, I thought
>> it would be very nice to continue my work as GSoC student during summer.
>> Is it possible?
> Hi Surya, it's definitely possible I think. And a good idea. Improving
> SciPy Central meets the requirements for a project set by Google and you've
> already met the requirement of submitting at least one patch before
> applying.
> I would encourage you to start working on a proposal, and discuss it on
> this list. Maybe you've seen this already, but just in case:
> http://wiki.python.org/moin/SummerOfCode/Application
> The other thing to do is find a mentor. We have several people that
> indicated that they'd like to be a mentor this year, maybe one of those
> people is interested in SPC? Or other people on the list?

Hi, we do have a potential mentor for this project, Sebastián Ventura.
Since he's not yet active in the Scipy community, I'll briefly introduce
him. Sebastian is an experienced web developer, and has participated before
in GSoC both as a student and a mentor. We came into contact via the PSF
(our GSoC umbrella org), to which he had indicated that he was available as
a mentor for Python GSoC projects. Once he has signed up for this mailing
list - which may take a day or two because scipy.org is unresponsive right
now - he'll join the discussion.

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