[SciPy-Dev] Sparse matrices

Daniel Smith smith.daniel.br@gmail....
Fri Apr 12 09:36:59 CDT 2013

Recently, I did some work expanding the LIL matrix class to support
fancy indexing. I did some looking this morning into potentially
expanding the other sparse matrix classes the same way. However, given
that such things have been suggested for GSoC, I don't want to step on
anyone's toes. I can move on to something else if that is recommended.

Since most of that work ends up boiling down to element-wise
operations. Pauli suggested that the LIL implementation could be added
directly to the other classes. Looking through the CS*
implementations, it looks like the fancier element wise methods used
in the LIL fancy indexing could be appended to the end of __getitem__,
etc. after the faster optimized methods. It might also make sense to
integrate certain methods into the current setup so that things like
CSC[0:1:2, 3]  run quickly.


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