[SciPy-Dev] SciPy Central in GSoC 2013

Andreas Hilboll lists@hilboll...
Thu Apr 18 10:53:23 CDT 2013

> Also, regarding "commenting system", why not use Disqus
> <http://disqus.com>? a lot of guys are relying on it now a days.. 
> The problem with replying on the third-party platforms is that we loose
> complete control over the data at the core. This is not going to be good
> if we want to build a self-contained application/ platform..What if we
> want to shift to other platform one day.. I don't know if we can migrate
> all Gists, comments on it etc.. 
> Similarly with Disqus. Should be build our own commenting system or use
> Disqus

Please, don't use Disqus. I'd be reluctant to require users to have
accounts with third-party platforms, i.e. Disqus. Github *might* be an
exception, but I think it would be better to roll our own.

Not relying on gists would allow users to use the VCS of their choice,
but our administrative overhead might be too large ...

Cheers, Andreas.

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