[SciPy-Dev] Adding startiter keyword to scipy.integrate.quadrature

Andrew Nelson andyfaff@gmail....
Wed Apr 24 12:13:26 CDT 2013

Dear dev list,
please forgive any glaring faux pas I might make.  This is my first
time contributing to scipy development.

I am proposing to add the 'startiter' keyword to scipy.integrate.quadrature.

At the moment the adaptive quadrature starts from a Gaussian
quadrature order of 1 and finishes when maxiter iterations are reached
(unless the termination criteria are met).

For the problem I deal with I know that I have to start iteration from
approx. order 15 onwards. Which means that orders 1 through 14 are
wasted. This would correspond to 105 calculations of the function to
be integrated (1+2+3+4...+14).

Adding the startiter keyword enables one to start at an arbitrary
order, saving a reasonable amount of calculation time.

Would such this addition be suitable for inclusion into scipy?  If so,
I can prepare a pull request.


Dr. Andrew Nelson


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