[SciPy-Dev] issues trac migration review

Skipper Seabold jsseabold@gmail....
Wed Apr 24 13:00:01 CDT 2013

Round 2. I got github to temporarily up the rate limit for this, so
it's great if we can finish in the next 2 days. Since I'm using oauth
now, I moved the issues to


Some issues that were raised upthread about traclinks. These should be
fixed now. Let me know if you see any that aren't. I assume the hash
will be a correct link in the scipy repo, but I can change it to be an
absolute URL to be sure if needed.

r5205 in second to last comment

ticket: in issue body here

changset: in first comment

#1394 in last comment here

A decent amount of the SVN revision numbers are not in git. If you
still see a rXXXX, it was either not in git or had some formatting
issue in the commit message that I didn't properly escape for when
calling git log --grep. Let me know if you think it's the latter.

I had some problems with PyGithub that should now be fixed. To make
sure nothing comes up during the real deal, I'll do one more dry-run
this afternoon to be sure there are no hiccups, then hopefully we can
do the migration tonight or sometime tomorrow, though I'll need some
help on the on the scipy repo end.

For posterity, if anyone is also wanted to use this code, I had to
make some changes to the numpy migration code and patch PyGithub for
correctly doing oauth authentication.



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