[SciPy-Dev] Website Migration: Status and Ideas

Andreas Hilboll lists@hilboll...
Sat Apr 27 02:58:41 CDT 2013

> Sparked by a discussion on numpy-discussion, some points about scipy
> website migration:
>> I think the major TODO items there are the conversion of the Topical
>> Software and Cookbook pages. I can give dumps of the current wiki
>> pages to anyone who wants to help with that.
> There's also quite a bit of the Topical Software in the new github repo.
> What's the status here? What are we aiming for? A 'dumb' translation
> from moin to sphinx, or also some content changes?
> About the cookbook: How about moving that to IPython Notebooks? Or at
> least having the examples in notebooks, and linking to these at the
> bottom of each example? Any ideas on how to automate such a translation?

Or moving the cookbook to Scipy-Central?

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