[SciPy-Dev] SciPy Central in GSoC 2013

Andreas Hilboll lists@hilboll...
Sat Apr 27 03:11:40 CDT 2013

Hi Surya,

> The proposal (draft) is
> here http://surya-gsoc2013.blogspot.in/2013/04/the-proposal.html
> It would be great to hear some comments, suggestions etc.

Thanks for you proposal! Let me add some comments / ideas here:

> 1. Migrating to Django 1.4.5

Is there any specific reason not to go to 1.5.1? If I understand
correctly, some modules have not been upgraded for 1.5.x yet, but if we
don't need those, we should go with the latest, don't you think?

> 2. Integrating with Content Management System

While this is nice, I think we should try to focus. What I would think
is more important for SPC would be a IPython Notebook integration. Like
having a "download notebook" link for each item.

> 3. Commenting, Reputation functionality for Submissions

Yes, definitely.

> 4. Providing caching mechanism using Memcache

Does it make sense to do this in a GSoC? If I understand correctly,
memcached is installed on the server, and just needs to be switched on
in Django config. I don't see much possibility to work on this in a
(code-)development environment, without the actual server daemons etc.

> 5. RSS, Atom feeds for the site

Yes. Maybe add the possibility to subscribe to certain tags only?

What I also find important is categories (maybe I'm old-fashioned), or a
really good search-by-tag functionality (klicking tag icons to
select/deselect this tag, with quickly updating search results).

What do you think?

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