[SciPy-Dev] SciPy Central in GSoC 2013

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Sat Apr 27 03:44:25 CDT 2013

27.04.2013 11:11, Andreas Hilboll kirjoitti:
>> 1. Migrating to Django 1.4.5
> Is there any specific reason not to go to 1.5.1? If I understand
> correctly, some modules have not been upgraded for 1.5.x yet, but if we
> don't need those, we should go with the latest, don't you think?

I think the holdup is django-registration, which only recently got the
support for Django 1.5 in its dev version:

Development against the dev version seems possible, though.

>> 2. Integrating with Content Management System
> While this is nice, I think we should try to focus. What I would think
> is more important for SPC would be a IPython Notebook integration. Like
> having a "download notebook" link for each item.

+1 for Ipython notebook integration. Also, submissions of Ipython
notebooks should be accepted (and not just as attachments, but rendered).

>> 4. Providing caching mechanism using Memcache
> Does it make sense to do this in a GSoC? If I understand correctly,
> memcached is installed on the server, and just needs to be switched on
> in Django config. I don't see much possibility to work on this in a
> (code-)development environment, without the actual server daemons etc.

There are no @cache statements in the code currently, except that the
rendered code snippets are cached on disk (or in DB?), I think. This
GSoC milestone could be changed to "implement caching (using Django's
caching mechanism)".


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