[SciPy-Dev] SciPy Central in GSoC 2013

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Sat Apr 27 06:23:17 CDT 2013


27.04.2013 13:41, Surya Kasturi kirjoitti:
> Actually I heard of IPython but never looked into it clearly.. Will go
> through it now. As far as I know its an web-based python console.. with
> lots of features. So, using it helps us run snippets directly on the
> site.. is that right?

Especially look at this:



It's clear that good Ipython interaction is a must have for SPC.

The implementation of nbviewer is simple, since there is no need for
database etc. (all data stored on Github), which allows it to be run
more easily on a 3rd party hosting solution --- which then outsources
the maintenance issues.

27.04.2013 14:00, Surya Kasturi kirjoitti:[clip]
> A 500 on scipy central? I sometimes find it too. May be production
> server is not that good and sometime I guess because of code too.
> Probably, we can look into much scalable platforms like Google App
> Engine --costly

I think the present rate of 500 (e.g. the site is currently down) makes
the site unfortunately very much less useful than it should be, also in
its current form.

This problem is definitely solvable, but it needs someone to work on it.

3rd party hosting solutions such as App Engine / Heroku / etc. do have
continuous costs, but on the other hand outsource the server
maintenance. The use of static on-disk files for storage in SPC also
makes it less easy to use these solutions.

Pauli Virtanen

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