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Andreas Hilboll lists@hilboll...
Sun Apr 28 02:36:19 CDT 2013

>     >     >> 2. Integrating with Content Management System
>     >     >
>     >     > While this is nice, I think we should try to focus. What I
>     would think
>     >     > is more important for SPC would be a IPython Notebook
>     integration.
>     >     Like
>     >     > having a "download notebook" link for each item.
>     >
>     >     +1 for Ipython notebook integration. Also, submissions of Ipython
>     >     notebooks should be accepted (and not just as attachments, but
>     >     rendered).
>     >
>     > Actually I heard of IPython but never looked into it clearly.. Will go
>     > through it now. As far as I know its an web-based python console..
>     with
>     > lots of features. So, using it helps us run snippets directly on the
>     > site.. is that right?
>     Not necessarily. IPython is an interactive Python shell. The Notebook is
>     a web-based frontend for this, with the possibility to do inline
>     plotting etc.
>     What I meant in the scope of SPC is just providing support for the
>     Notebook fileformat. This means that
>     a) It should be possible to submit Notebook files as new entries (as
>     suggested by Pauli)
>     b) It could be possible to view items as rendered Notebook (as suggested
>     by Pauli). I personally don't think this is so important; it might be
>     enough to provide a link to the rendered Notebook on
>     nbviewer.ipython.org <http://nbviewer.ipython.org>.
>     c) It should be possible to download an item in Notebook format.
>     d) I'm strictly against actually running IPython Notebook on the SPC
>     server, so that means im in favor of no snippet-running on the server.
>     Cheers, Andreas.
> I just had a look into IPython notebook.. My first impressions
> 1. Its great if someone is writing tutorials and want to share (SciPy
> cookbook can be migrated to it)
> 2. since all the data is just in 1 single file.. maintenance is quite
> low but readability is also quite low. 
> The below are the possible ways I think we can support .ipynb files in spc
> 1. users can upload them on some X hosted environment (gists for
> example) and submit the url in spc. Now,
>      1.a) we can direct them to nbviewer with this url 
>      1.b) we should provide ipynb rendering
> 2. we should be able to host .ipynb file like .py (snippets),
>      2.a) render them on the site as 1.b)
>      2.b) provide users a url for files which can be rendered on nbviewer
> my choice would be a mix of the above two!.. support both of them.

For a starter, I prefer 2., and think it is more important.

> We can build a submission form and ask users to provide either url to
> .ipynb files or submit the file itself. 
> In either cases, we can render it on our site (the question is how to.
> Do we have any standardization IPython provides? -- I see some ipython
> API but don't understand it as for now)

There's nbviewer:


to convert to and from .ipynb files. You should be able to use this for

-- Andreas.

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