[SciPy-Dev] GSoC Proposal draft -- Improvements to the sparse package of Scipy: support for bool dtype and better interaction with Numpy

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Tue Apr 30 14:02:26 CDT 2013


27.04.2013 10:17, Blake Griffith kirjoitti:
> https://github.com/cowlicks/GSoC-proposal/blob/master/proposal.markdown


- The second point in the abstract can probably be rephrased to be
  easier to understand.

  "allow use of XXX" -> "make XXX work with sparse matrices"

- "adding new functions/methods" --- these would for a large part
  not be new user-visible methods, right? __add__, __minus__, multiply,
  etc. are already there, although their functionality is at the moment
  more restricted than it should be, which is to be fixed.

- The schedule for the second project in the text says 2+5+3+1 weeks,
  but the headline 7. I think you want 7 here in total.

  Is the part "Modify and add binary operation ..." leftover
  from previous edits?

- The schedule looks good to me, and the details written in the plan
  make sense.

- As Daniel notes, the second part may also involve some refactoring of
  the scipy.sparse code base, so that the same logic is not repeated in
  several places in the code.

  Looking for instance at CSR multiply() method: Doing this special
  casing for each binop can be a bit inefficient --- there may be a
  better way to write it in a generic form (and maybe on the C++ level).

- You may want to ping also the Numpy discussion list on this, as
  the proposal partly concerns Numpy.

Pauli Virtanen

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