[SciPy-Dev] Contributing to the Documentation

Juan Luis Cano juanlu001@gmail....
Fri Aug 2 10:33:46 CDT 2013

On 08/01/2013 11:29 PM, Ralf Gommers wrote:
> Not a huge amount, but still regular edits (thanks mainly to Tim Cera) 
> adding up to 1000s of words for every release. The wiki also has some 
> advantages if you'd want to edit larger amounts of docs, like a system 
> to indicate if a docstring is draft / for review / reviewed, and the 
> option to render a page (helps to fix formatting issues). But yes, 
> overall I'd still prefer PRs over wiki edits.

To try things out, I just edited a file with the GitHub interface. I 
copy here what I commented in the PR:

I used the GitHub edition interface, and I can swear it's damn easy to 
use. I just:

 1. clicked "Edit",
 2. a nice text editor popped,
 3. I made my edits,
 4. created the commit message,
 5. clicked "propose file change",
 6. and finally "Click to create a pull request for this comparison"


I suggest encouraging this method over the documentation wiki or, at 
least, keeping both. There might be people that won't create a GitHub 
account to contribute some little edits, but I don't know how the team 
would want to handle this in the long term.

Juan Luis

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