[SciPy-Dev] Many Problems Building w/ MKL 11, ifort, icc; scipy.test() Fails w/ Undefined Symbols

Alex Leach beamesleach@gmail....
Thu Aug 22 17:40:28 CDT 2013

Looks to me like you need to update your system's ldconfig files. Without
an -rpath / -R linker flag, the lib. directories will need to be known by
the dynamic linker during run time, as well as during compile-time linking
(which appears to complete successfully).

This is accomplished by creating a file in /etc/ldconfig.d/ and putting
each of Intel's lib directories on a separate line. Finally, run ldconfig
as root.

Also, isn't libmkl_mc specific to the mic architecture? I don't think it's
necessary to explicitly link against it. Instead, libiomp5, libimf and
libirc are libraries I often find are required.

KR, and good luck!
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