[SciPy-Dev] Loss of precision using lsoda f2py interface or ode class

Joris Vankerschaver jvankers@gmail....
Fri Aug 23 07:56:49 CDT 2013

On 23-aug-2013, at 02:15, Juan Luis Cano wrote:
> I fear odeint/ode bugs are starting to pile up (gh-1567, gh-1801, 
> gh-1976, gh-2515, gh-2570), and as many have suggested in the past a 
> rewrite or redesign would be quite helpful.

This may have been pointed out before, but one inconsistency that should be fixed in an eventual redesign is that scipy.integrate.ode expects an RHS of the form `f(t, y0, ...)` whereas odeint expects an RHS with the first two parameters reversed, i.e. of the form `f(y0, t, ...)`. The former convention is the standard in Matlab and Sage.

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