[SciPy-Dev] The New Scipy Central Home page

Andreas Hilboll lists@hilboll...
Mon Feb 4 03:16:43 CST 2013

>>>>> Any updates?
>>>>> Please let me know how it is? what could be added? (Firstly whether you
>>>>> like it to put as scipy-central home page)
>>>> I think the convention on this list is to bottom-post.
>>>> Well, so far it doesn't look like finished. I guess everyone is waiting
>>>> for you to just continue, and basically show some more final result.
>>>> If you ask me, I would want categories and/or tags on the front page,
>>>> and the recently updated / most viewed / top contributors could go into
>>>> a side panel. Also there should be some slogan / text telling the
>>>> visitor on which kind of website she is. Like it is now, I wouldn't know
>>>> where I am and leave again. Also, I personally don't like the black in
>>>> combination with the quite light blue of the logo.
>>> I quite like how the new design looks visually. Putting less different
>>> things on it than on the current scipy-central site makes sense, especially
>>> the tag cloud and list of contributors don't add much. I would put the name
>>> "SciPy Central" somewhere though (on the black bar or in/next to the logo?).
>>> Having one list of direct links to contributions that are ranked highest (as
>>> determined by a combination of recent activity and popularity?) under the
>>> search would be good imho.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Ralf
>> Nice! I will continue my work. Will post new updates on the list (may take 2
>> weeks). Actually there are two home designs we can use
>> 1. A clean simple home page with a search input.. of course, couple of links
>> below search bar (ex: google.com)
>> 2. A "modern" forum style page. We can have a search bar on the center-top
>> while, the rest of the page is neatly occupied with latest/ new updates. We
>> can put "tags" on the right side. I guess this should be developer friendly!
>> Stackexchange sites are a good example. Also,
>> http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums should be a nice example..
>> (The above links have inspired me. we can actually understand what kind of
>> design suites well)
>> Actually, I am unable to decide which one to choose. So, was asking on the
>> forum. May be you guys can might already have something in mind.
> http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/
> no GOOGLE please, I would like to quickly be able to browse and get an overview.

+1. With google.com, everyone knows what the site is about.
scipy-central.org should not assume that the users know what the site
can do. So it must tell users what it can do. An "about" box, tags. Also
searches. Categories?

Your challenge, Surya, is to put all this on the homepage without making
the site visually cluttered =)

Cheers, Andreas.

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