[SciPy-Dev] PR 397: Getting rid of 2to3 (single codebase for Python 2 & 3)

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Sat Jan 5 13:15:16 CST 2013


Prompted by this:


here's a conversion of the Scipy code base runnable on Python 2.6 and
3.x without 2to3:


That was fairly easy to do, and I suspect the case is the same for Numpy.

But do we want to go this way? On the one hand, this is a cleaner way to
go than relying on 2to3 --- which does not convert all semantic
differences and can lead to some subtle bugs...

On the other hand, well, you have to add list() around map() et al. to
make them lists, and have to import xrange, izip et al. from a
compatibility module.

To me, overall, this doesn't look like a bad route to go. Thoughts?


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